Car keys and all you need to know

All about modern car keys, lost car keys, keys locked in cars, car key programming and everything related.

A lot of the blogs and posts I read are nonsense and out of date. I read and watch so much rubbish about the area of car keys and opening locked cars that I get hot under the collar. Most of it is advertising and promoting other sites and bears no resemblance to the real world. In the worst scenarios, following the advice can cause expensive damage to your car, so the hope is I can offer professional advice. Often this will be not to try things, and sometimes not to trust a professional car locksmith. The aim is to always save you time, and often save you a great deal of money, even if it means you are spending a few quid now.

I am writing it in the simplest terms possible for such a complex area and I hope you understand that much of it is so simplified that it is completely untrue to any experts reading it, but sometimes a little lie to aid understanding is better than being incomprehensible.

In short this is for you, the average Joe, to have enough knowledge to help in an emergency situation. If you are a professional locksmith, a computer scientist, a physicist or a mathematician then stop reading now. You will only get annoyed.

That’s the point. The internet is full of people who THINK they know about car security and car keys in general and I meet them all the time, but they don’t. I frequently turn up at cars with the keys locked inside to hear the customer, or customers’ spouse, or a neighbour, or bystander telling me that unlocking the car is easy and they used to steal cars in their youth.

When I ask them how to unlock it, I hear the usual nonsense of “all Ford keys fit all Fords” (rubbish. Any tibbe key will LOCK and tibbe lock, but only the real key will UNLOCK it.), “You just need a rod to pull the inside handle”. Bullshit, all cars deadlock. “A half tennis ball on the lock will do it”, or my favourite, “you slide something down the side of the window and pull. I’ve seen Nicolas Cage do it on “Gone In Sixty Seconds”.

If it’s a slow day I ask them if it’s so easy, what am I doing here? When they answer that they don’t have the rods, half tennis ball or steel slide (called a slim Jim) I offer them the tools and have a bit of fun watching them squirm as they try it or make another excuse. These methods simply don’t work unless it’s a very old car.

So that’s the point of this blog. What works, what doesn’t work, what’s safe, what is unsafe. The requirements of a new car key and how we make one. The way to make sure you never need to call me, but what to do if you do find yourself locked out of your car or have lost your car keys.

How the key works, and the reasons your car key may not work. It does it in very simplified terms but feel free to contact us if you want the genuine reasons a car key works.

Providing you understand the laws of electro-magnetism, the physical properties of ratchet systems and shear strengths, computer communications including control area networks and packet theory, mathematics with reference to randomised and randomising algorithms and particularly rainbow algorithms and finally, component security.

If not, be happy with the knowledge you will gain from this blog about car keys and then enrol at college for more knowledge on the rest.


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