locksmith professional car key replacement

Professional Car Key Replacement, 24/7 Emergency Car Key Replacement for all makes & models. No call out fee. Cheaper than dealer car key replacement.

Damaged Key Replacement

We can provide a new car key for any make or model for damaged and broken keys, or faulty keys that no longer work.

Faster and CHEAPER than a car dealer

We come to you 24/7, and will replace and fully program your new car key in about an hour.
Our cost to replace is for the key only, we don’t charge a call out fee EVER.

Car dealers don’t come to you to replace your car keys. You’ll need to take your car to the dealer, and if you have no working keys, then you’ll also have the cost of getting your car to them.

You will also be without your car until they have “ordered in” a key for your cars make, model & year, and have completed the key programming for your car.

This process can take OVER A WEEK or more!

Call us now, and we’ll have a brand new working key fully programmed for you in around an hour after we arrive.
So, the faster you call us, the sooner you’ll have your keys and be able to use your car.

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